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ICB 4 – What you have to know about the new IPMA standard


Since 1st July 2018 the Individual Competence Baseline 4 (ICB 4) for IPMA qualifications and certifications in Germany has been valid as the new IPMA standard. In the following article, Johannes Wille, TEAMWILLE’s Manager and a long-standing authorized GPM training partner gives answers to the most important questions.

What are the most essential changes within ICB 4 concerning the content?

People and their competences are largely the focus of ICB 4 – true to the motto “projects are made by people”. This fits perfectly to the long-standing philosophy of TEAMWILLE with a focus on people and their collaboration. This is why ICB 4 is now also described as the “Individual Competence Baseline”– as a model for all competences relevant for project work. This is what distinguishes ICB 4 from the selected procedural PM approach. With this new orientation, ICB 4 provides a framework to use both, classic and agile methods, to meet the needs of today’s project world. Furthermore, the new ICB 4 version sets a stronger focus on the areas program- and portfolio management.

I am holding an IPMA certification based on ICB 3. Is this certification not valid anymore after 1st July 2018?

Your IPMA certification is, of course, still valid. As soon as this certificate expires (after five years) you can be re-certified according to ICB 4. However, ICB 4 opens up new possibilities – above all for the those holding a Level D certificate. The requirements set by the GPM for an ICB 3 Level D certificate were considerably higher. This means that – compared to international standards – you have already worked on many ICB 4 Level C competences within your ICB 3 Level D course (e.g. Leadership Strategies). This is why I would advise you to take part in an ICB 4 Level C Upgrader Training. As of September 2018, TEAMWILLE offers such Upgrader Trainings from Level D ICB 3 to Level C ICB 4.

What are the benefits of ICB 4?

ICB 4 makes it possible to have a standardized and worldwide valid proof of competence within project management with a four-stage certification system. The German realization of IPMA ICB 4 will be a harmonized version in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland (“D-A-CH region”). Authorized GPM training partners – like TEAMWILLE – offer a modularly constructed qualification product for each stage designed as a development path for project staff. This is how a needs-based offer can be submitted for each stage. For the lower levels this means e.g. training extra, for the higher level e.g. coaching extra. Previous training partners become a development companion. ICB 4 is a competence model of individual competences and “compatible” with different project management approaches. Thus, everybody who wants to develop himself within projects or within their environments will benefit from ICB 4.
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