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What to keep after Corona

Lock Down – the world seems be slowed down, the people calmer. However, even in times of virtual work and digital ways of working from home it does not implicate to have less work. It just shifted inward and takes place with the necessary physical distance. While people dissociate locally, they grow together emotionally. Private and business life mix in a new way.

What have we been allowed to learn?

Parents had the chance to learn, how many hours a day can have when their children claim right for home schooling, support, entertainment and meals. All of that while parallelly working from home. And let´s not talk about the regular daily household chores. That’s exhausting – doubtless. On the other hand, one or another enjoyed this phase and could finally spend more time with family and kids. Suddenly it was possible to combine work and children, what was unimaginable for many before.

Commuters did not have to spend two or three hours a day at crowded public spaces or in a dense motorcade to be still too late to the first meeting. (No, ok, I assume that most of all join their virtual meetings right in time.)

Everyone realized, which freedom and new chances arise by working from home and everybody could learn, how much discipline, self-organization and trust despite of schedules, meetings and timing are necessary.

What should we keep?

Now, after the first ease of the curfew, we have to ask: What should we keep afterwards? Hygiene, washing your hands, awareness. Hopefully. And beyond? What of everything that we have been allowed to learn within the last weeks should we keep?

  • Virtual tools increase quality of living

On the top of the charts “What shall we keep” stands the nowadays loved program Microsoft Teams. Over the last weeks, also Skype & Co proved: Not every meeting has to be on site and analogue. Live and coloured works virtual as well. Therefore, we can avoid an unnecessary expense of time and money. Parents do not have to decide between children or meeting while the roast for the meal braises in the oven. Hence, we can continue to reach mental and physical wellbeing.

Followed by quality of life: It can be nice to drive to the office and see your colleagues there. Five days a week, eight hours a day this can also debilitate. Just as it means a lot of effort to discipline yourself at home sitting at the desk. Staying in the shadow at high temperatures can influence your motivation in a positive way unlike an overheated or – thanks to air conditioner – over-chilled office. Everyone, who lives in an attic, will be happy about the cool office room. Some meetings need a stable internet connection and a big screen to share charts, numbers and information. Some, but not all. The one or another telephone conference can also be realized with a view of the countryside or surrounded by nature. As the last weeks and personal experiences showed, a gently bird’s twittering rather leavened the discussion than dampened the mood. Thus, after corona it can or probably will raise the quality of life, if we combine the best from both worlds.

  • Personal responsibility and trust cause cohesion

Personal responsibility and cohesion – no easy drop and not implemented quickly. However, during the last weeks we proved that we are able to do, so trust could grow and strengthen. In a long term, this is leverage for employers as well as for employees especially for more confidence, a motivated working environment and better results. In times of lock down, we achieved every single day to summon up enough discipline, to create a setting in our private sphere, which enabled us to fulfil our business tasks. Even people in short-time work did not relax without doing anything, but supported farmers and fellow humans. In the field or by programs, trainings and a diverse creative offer in the World Wide Web. We can trust our colleagues and employers, that they are not bone-idle. In the average, the efficiency raised, as far as I could notice also by colleagues from other companies. Moreover, we faced how strong our cohesion is as well as our willingness to support each other. Let’s also remember this now, after corona.

  • Discipline at work, at motion and in meetings

Despite of the discipline to sit at the desk with our Notebook open every day most of us also seem to have discovered walking and motion in fresh air. Let us keep this behaviour and continue daily exercising outside beyond times without curfews. It supports body, mind and our good mood.

A new culture of meeting: We can all agree that some topics can be clarified more efficient and productive in a personal talk. Most of all meetings can be hold virtually instead. It means less time and money consuming and, what I said in the beginning, with probably more motivation and in a better mood. Take your time for breaks to breath, summarize your thoughts, and do not run from one meeting into another. Otherwise our stress level increases and the efficiency decreases. You can tipps on how to lead a virtual meeting efficiently in our blog articles from March 19th.

  • Autonomy brings freedom and serenity 

After lock down let us try to decide autonomous, if we can fulfil our tasks rather at home or in the office. The freedom to choose about the perfect place, requires self-responsibility and self-organization, and we should have learned this by now. In March, the faster and faster rotating wheel made an abrupt stop. Let’s keep something of this calm and serenity to address our daily work with mind, heart and sense. Not every day has to be spent at home, not all 40 hours have to be fulfilled inside the company. The business already became more private, than we would have imagined. We can use this in a positive way, so that we don’t have to be teared between children, household and work, but can combine them more easily.

We at TEAMWILLE have already lived this labour culture since times before the quarantine and – spoiler alert – it worked!

If you want to learn more about this, you are very welcome to browse our blog or to visit us virtually.

What do you want to keep afterwards? Which new attitudes do you want to integrate into your daily life after the curfew? Do you need more tips or impulses? Write us or feel free to let a comment below.

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